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ZABAGED® - planimetric components

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ZABAGED® - planimetric components - introduction

The geographic base data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED®) is a digital vector model of the territory of the Czech Republic (CR) . ZABAGED® is a part of the surveying information system and belongs to information systems of the public service. It is maintained as a seamless database for the entire territory of the CR in a centralised information system managed by the Land Survey Office.

At present, ZABAGED® consists of 122 types of geographic objects classified in planimetric or elevation section of ZABAGED®. Planimetric section of ZABAGED® contains two dimensional (2D) spatial information and descriptive information on settlements, comunications, utility networks and pipelines, hydrology, administrative units and protected areas, vegetation and surface, terrain relief. It includes selected data on geodetic reference points within the territory of CR. Elevation section of ZABAGED® contains three dimensional (3D) elements of terrain relief and is represented as 3D contour files. ZABAGED® is continually expanded on the basis of user needs.

ZABAGED® is used as a base layer in geographic information systems (GIS), primarily in information systems of the public service. It is also the main data source for the creation of base maps of the CR at scales of 1:10 000 to 1:100 000.

Production of ZABAGED® commenced in 1995 by vectorization of prints of BM 10. ZABAGED® has been completed for the entire territory of the CR using pre-defined objects in 2004. Between 2000 and 2005 the first update has been completed by photogrammetric means and field surveys while the accuracy of objects‘ location has been improved. The second update cycle was completed between 2006 and 2009 and the third cycle was initiated. The update period was gradually shortened to three years with a maximum use of aerial photography and colour orthophotos compiled annually for a third of the territory of the CR. Selected signifiant objects (roads, administrative boundaries and others) are updated for the entire area more frequently, at least once a year, from obtained change information from its custodians. Verification and update of 3D contours of the elevation section of ZABAGED® has been completed by photogrammetric means in 2009 with simultaneous additions of signifiant terrain edges. A digital elevation model in the form of a regular grid (10 x 10 m) of three dimensional (3D) points has been newly created for the entire territory of the CR.

Information on products available for provision of ZABAGED® data sets can be found in the right-hand menu on this page.

ZABAGED® is made available using map viewing and download services on which you can find information in the Web services section.

To order data and download WFS service you can use the internet shop.

Viewing services can be exploited free in all applications (clients). The map window at introduction page of Application section at the CUZK Geoportal or Geoviewer client can be exploited to display them.

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