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INSPIRE theme Hydrography - Physical Waters (HY_P)

Product information
NameINSPIRE theme Hydrography - Physical Waters (HY_P)
Commercial code633141
Export unitcountry
Unit priceNo charges
Export formatsGPKG
Coordinate systemsETRS89 / UTM zone 33N (N-E)
Product descriptionThe INSPIRE - Hydrography data from application schema Hydro-Physical Waters are harmonised according to INSPIRE Implementing Rules and correspond with INSPIRE xml schema in version 4.0 and ELF xml schema in version 1.0. This dataset of the hydrography of the Czech Republic therefore has the unified design with other data created for this INSPIRE theme in frame of whole Europe. The features are represented by a vector component with attributes containing wider information about names. The base dataset is the Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED®). The dataset is processed according to the application schema Physical Waters and contains features: Watercourse (centre line and area of watercourses broader than 4 m), StandingWater, LandWaterBoundary, Falls, Crossing (bridge, culvert, aqueduct), DamOrWeir, Ford and Lock. The attributes are based on the ZABAGED® data (including name), eventually on attributes that could have been derived (e.g. area) and values that are constant for whole dataset (e.g. the fact that the name is in Czech and written in Latin alphabet).
Update cycle - update state The source data is updated according to the general update cycle. In addition to the general update, there is an continuous update of selected features. Updated versions of derived data INSPIRE - Hydrography are published at quarterly intervals.
Conditions applying to access and useNo charges
Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 License
According to Regulation No 31/1995 Sb.
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