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INSPIRE theme Cadastral Parcels (CP)

Product information
NameINSPIRE theme Cadastral Parcels (CP)
Commercial code
Export unitcadastral zonings
Unit priceNo fees
Export formats
Coordinate systemsETRS89-GRS80, S-JTSK / Krovak EN
Product descriptionDataset for the theme Cadastral Parcels (CP) harmonised according to the INSPIRE Directive and ELF Data Specification version 1.0. Data contains boundaries of cadastral units, parcels and parcel numbers. Dataset is provided as Open Data (licence CC-BY 4.0). Data is based on ISKN (Information System of the Cadastre of Real Estates). Data is available only in those cadastral units, where the cadastral map is in digital form - (to the 2022-08-08 it is 98.13% of the Czech territory, i.e. 77 391.37km2). Data is created daily (if any change within the cadastral unit occurs). Data in the GML 3.2.1 format is valid against XML Definition Schema for the theme Cadastral Parcels in version 4.0 and against spatial data scheme for ELF in version 1.0. Dataset is compressed (ZIP) for downloading. More in the Cadastral Act No. 256/2013 Coll., Cadastral Decree No. 357/2013 Coll., Cadastral Decree on Data Provision No. 357/2013 Coll., as amended and INSPIRE Data Specification on Cadastral Parcels v 3.0.1.
Update cycle - update state Pre-defined datasets are generated daily. Data purchased by WMS or WFS services are updated in hours.
Terms of use - charging the data
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restriction Veřejný přístup není omezován a je poskytován v souladu s vyhláškou č. 359/2011 Sb., o registru územní identifikace, adres a nemovitostí a zákonem 123/1998 Sb., o právu na informace o životním prostředí.
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Contact - product informationCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre , Phone: +420 284 044 455 , e-mail:
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