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Terrain analysis

The web application "Terrain analysis" is intended for basic analyzes of altimetry data of the territory of the Czech Republic.
The source datasets are Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 4th generation (DMR 4G), Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 5th generation (DMR 5G) or Digital Surface Model of the Czech Republic of the 1st generation (DMP 1G) converted to raster format in the S-JTSK coordinate system.


Embossed properties

The tool allows you to perform spatial analyses and spatial selections within the specified territory. This allows you to search for within the specified values of altitude, slope or slope exposure, or to determine the limit values altitude heights.


Visibility tool is used to detect the area visible from the selected observation post limited by a given distance.

Line of sight

The tool allows you to direct visibility, surface visibility or obstacles to direct visibility between the two selected Points.


The tool is used to construct a height profile along a user-defined line above the selected data source.

Volume difference

The tool is used for calculation of the volume of the construction pit (off-road notch) or heap (off-road err).
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