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Information System of the Cadastre of Real Estates - ISKN

The Information System of the Cadastre of Real Estates (ISKN) is an integrated information system for support of administration of civil service of the cadastre of real estates and for securing of user services of the cadastre. ISKN includes means for managing of files of descriptive information, files of geodetic information and means for support of administrative activities applied in managing of the cadastre and for management of documentation funds. ISKN was created and implemented in 1997-2001 in cooperation with APP Czech, Ltd. (now NESS Czech, Ltd.) as the system integrator and supplier of application software and with other companies as suppliers of different components of the technology. During September 2001 the ISKN started its operation at all cadastral offices and in the centre. In year of 2002 was the system tuned, the final stages were adopted and the audit of the ISKN was finished. The full implementation affects more than 5,000 employees at 112 working places all over the Czech Republic. The new solution of ISKN fully substituted original way of management of the cadastre of real estates and integrated management and administration of the cadastre of real estates into one information system common for all cadastral office working places and the centre.

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