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CZEPOS Services

Product information
NameCZEPOS Services
Commercial code 63910
Export unitExport unit is not defined
Unit pricePricelist of products and services (The unit of measure for price calculation is the temporal length of received correction data. The time is elapsed in whole seconds. The price is indicated as a one-hour price of received data but is converted to real length of received data according to number of units of measure, i.e. the real number of received seconds.)
Product descriptionThe services are provided as the output of the Czech Republic GNSS Permanent Stations Network (CZEPOS). CZEPOS provides correction data for accurate positioning at the territory of the Czech Republic to GNSS users. There are provided 3 categories of services: DGPS, RTK and VRS. CZEPOS includes 27 permanent stations localised regularly at the Czech Republic territory and also 27 stations of foreign networks. All the stations make 24 hours a day accurate GNSS measurements that are further processed and provided to the users as correction data. CZEPOS is exploited especially by users of accurate geodetic GNSS receivers that make possible to reach by using CZEPOS services accuracy in centimetres and sub-centimetres and users of GNSS receivers for data acquisition for GIS that make possible accuracy of one meter and smaller. In general, CZEPOS services can be exploited in all GNSS applications that make possible processing of correction data. CZEPOS is administered and run by Land Survey Office as a part of geodetic controls of the Czech Republic.
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ContactCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, Řezníček, Jan, Ing. Ph.D. , phone: +420 284 041 530 , e-mail:
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