Map window


Map window helps the navigation on the map for zooming in to the area of interest. There is a possibility to make data selection for purchase in the displayed map with different functions.

Map window consists of the map, button bar and a zooming navigator.

Map window

Map window



The map can be controlled with the buttons on the bar, navigator and pan buttons. The graphic scale is located in the bottom part of the map; eventual information messages and actual coordinates of the cursor are on the bottom bar.


Button map


Previous map

Displays the previous map crop


following map

Displays the following map crop


Display a crop in the map window

By drag and drop the mouse the map crop will be displayed


Zoom in

2x zooms in


Zoom out

2x zooms out


view all

displays the whole data area


get feature info

displays information about place in map

Besides the buttons, the name of the product being actually selected is specified on the bar on the right.


Zooming navigator

The map can be zoomed in/out with the zooming navigator. In case that the map scale does not fit the map contents, there is an informative message on the bottom bar.


Pan buttons

The map can be panned to the four cardinal directions using the buttons .

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