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Cadastral map in raster form published through e-shop

Product information
NameCadastral map in raster form published through e-shop
Commercial code
Export unitmap sheet
Unit price150 CZK for an export unit.
Export formatscit
Coordinate systemsDatum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network
Product descriptionDataset for providing analogue form of the cadastral map. Scanned cadastral maps (raster files in CIT format) are charged. To the 2020-09-14, analogue map covers 2.88 % of the Czech territory, i.e. 2 275.08km2. More in the Cadastral Act No. 256/2013 Coll., Cadastral Decree No. 357/2013 Coll., Cadastral Decree on Data Provision No. 357/2013 Coll., as amended.
Update cycle - update state Pre-defined files are generated from a database, that is updated monthly.
Terms of use - charging the dataPublic access is not rescticted and is provided in accordance with Decree No. 359/2011 Coll., on the register of territorial identification, addresses and real estates and law 123/1998 Sb., on the right to information about the environment.
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restriction
Contact - product informationCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre , Phone: +420 284 044 455 , e-mail:
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