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This service makes possible to search corresponding metadata on the base of metadata items contents.

Service operations:

  • Get Discovery Service Metadata: provides all necessary information about the service and describes the service functionality.
  • Discover Metadata: makes possible to request metadata INSPIRE elements of the sources on the basis of a request command delivered by the target discovery service.
  • Publish Metadata: makes possible to edit metadata INSPIRE elements of the sources in the discovery service (metadata push or pull mechanisms).
  • Link Discovery Service: makes possible to publish information that the discovery service is available for searching resources using discovery services of a Member State where the administration of source metadata is operated on the side of their owner.

Discovery service in the ČÚZK domain

The ČÚZK domain provides the discovery service for metadata of datasets and network services of ČÚZK domain.
The service fulfils Technical guidance for INSPIRE discovery services v. 3.1 and simultaneously fulfils the OGC CS-W 2.0.2 standard. ČÚZK Geoportal provides its own client interface for searching in metadata provided by following service - application Data and services search
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