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Map Services - WMTS - Public – Introduction:

WMTS view services are published according to the OGC WMTS 1.0.0 Standard. They are compliant with technical documentation for INSPIRE view services as well.
The data are, for optimised rapidity, provided as map tiles in this technology and the responses are therefore significantly faster than for WMS services.The technology is similar to the technologies of commercial map serves (e.g. Google maps) to optimise processing of requests for map scale or map frame change.
The WMTS technology moreover provide the data in different coordinate systems. Their list is specified in the properties of (GetCapabilities) services.The service supports KVP (Key value pairs) access, which is INSPIRE requirements compliant.
Services are provided in accordance with the specification of scale series for the needs of map service providers in the Czech Republic.

The WMTS services are provided free-of-charge and without a need of registration. Terms of use are an integral part of the metadata of each service.

Examples of applications for exploitation of services are described here.
These services are available especially in the Geoviewer application at the ČÚZK Geoportal.

WMTS services:
  • WMTS – Cadastral Map (KM)

  • WMTS – Cadastral Map (KM) - Google Maps Scale Set

  • WMTS - ZABAGED® - Planimetry

  • WMTS – Basic topographic maps ČR

  • WMTS - Ortofoto ČR

  • WMTS – Basic topographic maps ČR - series Google Maps

  • WMTS - Ortofoto ČR - series Google Maps

  • WMTS view service - ZABAGED® - planimetric components for KIVS

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