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Base map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 50 000

Base Map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 50 000 (ZM 50) is the basic state map series of medium scale and is conceived as a synoptic geographic map. It shows the entire territory of the Czech Republic in a contiguous map layout, the territory of the Czech Republic is shown on 211 map sheets. Dimensions and indexing of map sheets of ZM 50 are derived from the map layout of the Base map of the Czech Republic at 1 : 100 000 divided into four sections. The name of a map sheet is the same as the name of the largest settlement (according to the number of inhabitants) shown on the respective map sheet.

The ZM 50 contains planimetry, altimetry and lettering. Planimetry contains settlements and individual objects, communication networks, hydrology, administrative and cadastral boundaries (including territorial technical units), boundaries of protected areas, vegetation and soil surface. Altimetry shows terrain relief shown as contour lines and terrain steps. Map lettering consists of toponymy of objects, standardized geographic nomenclature, contour values, height values, border information and external information. Map sheets also contain planimetric net of orthogonal coordinates and geographic coordinate grid. Map contents are shown for both the territory of the Czech Republic and adjacent states. Among base maps of medium scales, the ZM 50 is the most used map for creation of thematic state map series.

Since 2002, the ZM 50 conforms to digital technology from the Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED®) and the database of geographic names of the Czech Republic Geonames. In 2007 this new form of ZM 50 has been completed for the territory of the Czech Republic and is further updated. Creation and update of the ZM 50 is facilitated by the Land Survey Office.

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