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Names of States and their territorial parts

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NameNames of States and their territorial parts
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Product descriptionThe names of all independent and internationally recognized states are listed in alphabetical order for each continent as the fundamental entries. In addition to that there are the names of the territorial parts of states, which have the character of federal (provincial, union) states, further the names of territorial parts with its own autonomous administration, the names of overseas and dependent territories, as well as the names of geographically separated parts of states with the exception of small exclaves. The serial numbers of the individual entries were created using the decimal classification, so that the independent states are numbered by basic numerical series within each continent (the continental classification corresponds to the general geographic practice), while the territorial parts are sorted and numbered within the states to which they belong. The latest version with marked changes compared to this publication can be downloaded from the website of the Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre. ISBN 978-80-86918-57-0.
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