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Horizontal cotrol

Product information
NameHorizontal cotrol
Commercial code61100
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Export formatsXHTML
Coordinate systemsS-JTSK (Ferro) / Krovak
Product descriptionPoints of Horizontal Geodetic Control include points of the Fundamental Horizontal Geodetic Control and Minor Horizontal Geodetic Control. Administrator is Land Survey Office, resp. Cadastral offices according to relevant category of the geodetic control.
Update cycle - update state All data about points of Fundamental Horizontal Geodetic Control are continuously updated on the base of geodetic control maintenance. All data about S-JTSK coordinates and geographic coordinates in ETRS89 are up to date. The Triangulation points are administered by the Department of Geodetic Controls at Land Survey Office. Administration of net densification points is deployed to cadastral offices where competence is signalized in the overview of triangulation sheets. Data about points are published by WMS service Geodetic Controls at the ČÚZK Geoportal. The service is available in the map window of introduction page and in the Geoviewer application. The data in map service are updated once a week.
Conditions applying to access and useTerms of trade
Restriction of large-scale data
Charging according to Pricelist of products and services
Geodetic data about individual points are provided free of charge by the internet application Geoviewer according to set search criteria. Data about points according to specific criteria are provided beyond the frame of the application. These data are provided on the base of an agreement.
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Contact - product informationLand Survey Office , Phone: +420 284 041 605 , e-mail:
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