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The Data200 database is a digital geographic model of the territory of the Czech Republic (CR) which corresponds to accuracy and degree of generalization to map scale of 1 : 200 000. Data200 is compiled for the complete territory of the Czech Republic and was created on the basis of the EuroRegionalMap (ERM) project of the European Association of Civil surveying and mapping services EuroGeographics. The Czech Office for Surveying is responsible for its implementation in the Czech Republic since 2005.

The Data200 database is based on ERM and contains additional features. Current edition of Data200 includes approximately 50 types of objects. The database is organised in eight thematic layers –administrative boundaries, hydrography, transportation, settlements, geographic names, various objects, vegetation, surface and altimetry. The altimetry layer was completed by shaded terrain.

Due to its origin the data are homogeneous within Europe and seamless across State boundaries so it can be combined with ERM data from other countries and it forms a superior background for solution of both national and cross-border projects.

This database will serve as a source for creation of cartographic outputs with corresponding scale and for update of the thematic superstructures including ERM at the Land Survey Office.

Since April 2019 the data have been provided as open data in SHP format.

Information on the product can be found in the right-hand menu on this page, to order data you can use the internet shop.

Data200 is available by means of viewing service, which information can be found in the Network Services section.

Viewing services can be exploited free in all applications (clients). The map window at introduction page of Application section at the CUZK Geoportal or Geoviewer client can be exploited to display them.

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