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Klaudyan's map of Bohemia, year 1518

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NameKlaudyan's map of Bohemia, year 1518
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Product descriptionThe oldest known individual map of Bohemia and Glatz from the year 1518. Mikuláš Klaudyán is an author. It is oriented to the south. 280 settlements, hydrografy, vegetation and major long distance routes are shown on the map. Towns are divided into royal and vassal, Catholic and non-Catholic. Czech terminology is used. It has a rich heraldic decoration. There are the crests of Kutná Hora, Prague and Žatec on the bottom. The scene with the carriage drawn into two sides refers to religiously divided Czech society and the scene of the assaulted merchant carriage points out to the bad security situation in the country. It is the most valuable Czech cartographic heritage.
Update cycle - update state It is not a subject of update, it is a preserved map copy.
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