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WCS download service

Download Services WCS (Web Coverage Services) enables to download spatial data sets in a raster data format. WCS standard is developed by OGC.

WCS download services in the ČÚZK domain

ČÚZK provides WCS download services for INSPIRE data sets of themes Elevation (EL) and Orthoimagery (OI). The services fulfil OGC WCS 2.0.1 standard and they enable to download data in GeoTIFF, JPEG2000,ECW or PNG data format.

Services support following operations:
  • GetCapabilities - enables to receive basic information about the service (e.g. supported operations, coordinate systems etc.).
  • GetCoverage - enables to receive a required coverage in the particular BBOX.
  • DescribeCoverage - enables to receive a detailed description on selected coverages offered by a server.

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