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Services providing download of spatial data files.

Service operations:

  • GetCapabilities - the operation enables the client to require and receive metadata services.
  • GetFeature - the operation enables the client to receive required features from the dataset as a XML document.
  • DescribeFeatureType - the operation enables the client to receive the schema of feature description for features provided by the service. The schemas describe the way of input encoding and generating on the service output.

Download services in the ČÚZK domain

The ČÚZK domain provides download services for selected datasets from the ČÚZK domain. The services fulfil Technical guidance for INSPIRE download services v. 3.1 and simultaneously fulfil the OGC WFS 2.0.0 standard.

The WFS download services for theme Cadastral Parcels (CP), Addresses (AD), Administrative Units (AU), Hydrography (HY), Geographical Names (GN) and Transport Network (TN) are already provided by the ČÚZK domain for data harmonised with INSPIRE data specification v 3.0.1..

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