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INSPIRE theme Cadastral Parcels Extended (CPX)

Product information
NameINSPIRE theme Cadastral Parcels Extended (CPX)
Commercial code
Export unitcadastral zonings
Unit priceNo fees
Export formatsGML
Coordinate systemsDatum of Uniform Trigonometric Cadastral Network
Product descriptionThe extension targets on providing full cadastral map as defined in Cadastral Public Note in the form of vectror data in the structure fully conform to the INSPIRE Directive and Implementing Rules. The data extends the INSPIRE Data Specification for the theme Cadastral Parcels (CP) for easements, geodetic points, other features, original geometry and analogue cadastral parcels (those in the areas with analogue map only). It originates in the cadastral map that is a binding national map series at large scale, contains points of horizontal geodetic control, planimetric component and map lettering and can be maintained in the form of digital map, analogue map or digitized map. The data published in the frame of this product contain cadastral districts (for the whole Czech Republic), parcels, their boundaries, easements, other features, geodetic points and original geometries from the territory where the digital map occures (to the 2020-08-03 it is 96.92% of the Czech territory, i.e. 76 437.89km2) and analogue cadastral parcels in the areas with analogue map, containing only reference points as geometry. More in the Cadastral Law 344/1992 Coll., Cadastral Public Note No. 26/2007 Coll. as ammended and INSPIRE Data Specification on Cadastral Parcels v 3.0.1. Data in the GML 3.2.1 fotrmat are valid against XML Definition Schema for the Cadastral Parcels Extended in version 4.0.
Update cycle - update state Pre-defined datasets are generated daily. Data purchased by WFS service are updated in hours.
Terms of use - charging the dataPublic access is not rescticted and is provided in accordance with Decree No. 359/2011 Coll., on the register of territorial identification, addresses and real estates and law 123/1998 Sb., on the right to information about the environment.
Access restriction - licence agreement and other restriction
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Contact - product informationCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre , Phone: +420 284 044 455 , e-mail:
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