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Digitization of the Cadastre of Real Estates

Transfer of the cadastral maps into digital form belongs to the most important tasks of the domain. The vector cadastral map can have the form of digital cadastral map (DKM) or cadastral map digitized (KMD). By May 31st 2010 there was 44.1% of the Czech territory covered with the vector map. The rest of the Czech territory is covered by analogue cadastral map on a plastic drawing foil, which is available in raster form after scanning. Eventual new and re-scanning of analogue cadastral maps can be performed at working places that gained a ČÚZK (Czech Office for Mapping, Surveying and Cadastre) certificate for these types of works. Overview of available digital backgrounds for the complete territory of the Czech Republic is available as detailed lists or in graphic form in frame of the digitization state or in the text form for Archiv-WEB application. It provides information on actual state of raster scanned cadastral maps.

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