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Previewing of the Cadastre of Real Estates (CRE)

The application makes possible to get some selected data on plot, buildings and units (flats and non-residential premises) possession, documented in the CRE, and also information on the state of dealing established at the cadastral office with purpose to record the property and other rights of authorised subjects to real estates in the Czech Republic, or with purpose to authenticate survey sketches.

On the contrary to “Distant access to the CRE” is the “Previewing” freely accessible to all Internet users, does not require any registration and is free of charge. The possibilities of outputs are in comparison to “Distant access to the CRE” reduced. The Extract of CRE and some other outputs of the “Preview” application are not possible.

Outputs that can be requested and run in frame of the “Previewing” can be chosen using the links in the left part of start page. The links are grouped into three sections:

Dealing – in this section you can get information on dealings as Entry, Record and Survey sketch. The dealings of Entry type are established with purposes to enter the rights based on conveyance contracts of real estates, pawn laws, easements, pre-emption rights, conveyance of a flat or non-residential premise etc. The dealings of Record types are established with purposes to record the juridical relations to real estates based on the court or other state body decisions or based on other backgrounds according to § 39 of Cadastral Notice. The dealings of Survey sketch type are established on the basis of authentication of the sketch proposed by a licensed surveyor.

Information from CRE – links Plot, Building and Unit run the outputs with information on entered real estates that contain especially the owner, joint owners of the real estate (incl. amount of owner share) and owner's folio number where the real estate is recorded.

Map – the link in this section runs view of the map. Possible maps are cadastral map, orthophoto and other layers designated for navigation. The link Cadastral district displays the map of entered cadastral district (the section with centre of the cadastral district). The link Overview map of the Czech Republic displays map of the state where you can zoom to details.

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