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Providing of Information from the Cadastre of Real Estates

The extent and conditions for providing of information from the cadastre of real estates is managed by the Notice No. 162/2001 Sb. On Providing of Information from the Cadastre of Real Estates of the Czech Republic. The data of Cadastre of Real Estates (CRE) can be obtained in the form of cadastral map (cadastral map/shop). Except the common forms of providing of information, extracts, transcripts and copies available directly at the cadastral working places, Czech Office for Mapping, Surveying and Cadastre (ČÚZK) provides some outputs also by means of public Internet. These are free applications for Previewing of the CRE (reduced extent of information, free of charge), charged application Distant Access to CRE Information or application Web Services for Distant Access and WMS services.

Except items above, the domain organisations ensure many other data services. E.g. providing of CRE information in electronic form (these outputs from the CRE database can be achieved only under legally defined conditions). Information in electronic form are CRE data in defined exchange formats that contain information from the file of descriptive information, digital cadastral maps and raster data of scanned cadastral maps. These pieces of information are provided by individual cadastral working places in scope of their authority. Outputs over the scope of one cadastral working place are provided by ČÚZK, Department of Services to Users.

A specific service is providing of property and other rights to real estate overview for real estates recorded for natural or juridical persons in extent of the complete Czech Republic. Applicants, who are statutorily entitled to free providing of such information, will be satisfied by ČÚZK, Department of Services to Users. Others will be served at any cadastral working place during the office hours against a charge.

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