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Major Geomorphological Units of the Czech Republic

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NameMajor Geomorphological Units of the Czech Republic
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Product descriptionThe publication is essential for all specialists such as botanists, entomologists, archaeologists and others who work in the territory of the Czech Republic and need to indicate to which geomorphological unit surveyed locality belongs. There is not only a sufficiently detailed map for this purpose, but also a list of units and their translations into five languages (English, French, German, Russian and Spanish). An objective division of the Czech Republic into geomorphological units is made according to the taxonomic system based on regional and typological criteria. Apart from the main toponymic content the publication gives a complete list of Czech names of the highest named peaks of the relevant geomorphological units with specified altitude and localization by the nearest settlement. There are also chapters devoted to defining a foreign language comparison of used terminology and hierarchy of geomorphological units. The publication contains an alphabetical index of Czech names and it is complemented by overview map at a scale of 1:500 000. ISBN 80-901212-7-6.
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