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Administrative and Cadastral Boundaries - Introduction

The file of administrative boundaries and cadastral districts boundaries of the CR is a vector file outlining areas of administrative units of all levels within the entire Czech Republic. It is composed of surface features delimited by boundaries of the country, areas, regions, districts, municipalities with extended powers, municipalities with authorised municipal office, municipalities, cadastral districts, administrative districts (for the capital of Prague), city sections for the capital of Prague and some statutory cities and boundaries of the basic settlement units. Definition points and descriptive information – attributes are also a part of these files. The data are administrated by Czech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre in co-operation with Czech Statistical Office.

The data of the file are updated from RÚIAN four times a year. The updated files are provided to users on January 1st, on April 1st, on July 1st and on October 1st.

Information about these products can be found in the right menu in this page.

The file of administrative and cadastral boundaries of the CR is also accessible as the view map service and the download service, which information can be found in the section Web Services.

To order file data and download WFS service you can use the internet shop.

Viewing services can be exploited free in all applications (clients). The map window at introduction page of Application section at the CUZK Geoportal or Geoviewer client can be exploited to display them.

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