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Esri ArcGIS Server GEOPROCESSING SERVICE Esri ArcGIS Server - Visibility DMR 5G

Product information
NameEsri ArcGIS Server GEOPROCESSING SERVICE Esri ArcGIS Server - Visibility DMR 5G
Commercial code Commercial code is not defined
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Product descriptionGeoprocessing service Esri ArcGIS Server - Visibility_DMR 5G is a public service intended for visibility analysis execution using the dataset Digital Terrain Model of the Czech Republic of the 5th generation (DMR 5G). Geoprocessing service enables to find out, which area is visible from chosen observer location to defined distance. When using the service is necessary to choose the observer location, pecify oberver offset above the terrain and define the distance, in which the visibility analysis is demanded. The result of the analysis is visibility field (area) represented by polygons, which delimit visible parts of the terrain. The geoprocessing service is published as asynchronous. The result is passed on client throught Result Map Service Visibility_DMR 5G (MapService). The result can be downloaded from server and saved to a local disc as shapefile using URL, which is generated and sended by the geoprocessing service. URL for the result download throught a web client is published in running service record, that is sent from server to the client.
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Data set provided by the service Provided data
Conditions applying to access and use According to Regulation No 31/1995 Sb.
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ContactCzech Office for Surveying, Mapping and Cadastre, Křížek, Milan , phone: +420 284 047 430 , e-mail:
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