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INSPIRE network services

are Internet services based on spatial data sets published in a data model according to implementation rules for data interoperability and harmonization, in conformity with Directive 2009/976/EC.

However, the ČÚZK domain provides the discovery service for metadata of all datasets. Accordingly the view and download services are provided also for data that are not harmonised with INSPIRE. However, always stands that the services fulfil relevant directives and INSPIRE technical guidance documents for services.

Types of INSPIRE network services:

  • discovery services making it possible to search for spatial data sets and services on the basis of the content of the corresponding metadata and to display the content of the metadata;
  • view services making it possible, as a minimum, to display, navigate, zoom in/out, pan, or overlay viewable spatial data sets and to display legend information and any relevant content of metadata;
  • download services, enabling copies of spatial data sets, or parts of such sets, to be downloaded and, where practicable, accessed directly;
  • transformation services, enabling spatial data sets to be transformed with a view to achieving interoperability;
  • services allowing spatial data services to be invoked.

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