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Base map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000

Product information
NameBase map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000
Commercial code63224
Export unitZM 50 map sheet (450 km2)
Unit pricePricelist of products and services
Export formatsTISK
Coordinate systemsS-JTSK / Krovak East North, ETRS89 (geographic 2D)
Product descriptionBase map of the Czech Republic 1:50,000 (ZM 50) is part of the national map series and it captures the territory of the Czech Republic in a continuous map layout. It is the only one from the set of medium scale base maps, which displays the subjects of the map also outside the territory of the Czech Republic, it concerns all bordering map sheets of ZM 50. It shows a relatively large area in sufficient detail and therefore it is long-term the most used map base in the modified content versions for various thematic maps. Dimensions and designation of map sheets are derived from map sheet of Base Map of the Czech Republic 1:200,000 by dividing into four parts to the Base Map of the Czech Republic 1:100,000 and then to ZM 50. The name of the map sheet is usually the same as the name of the largest place (by population) displayed on the map sheet. The territory of the Czech Republic is captured on 211 map sheets. The dimensions of paper of the map are 62 x 46 cm, the map face, which in average shows an area of 450 km2, has a trapezoidal shape with a height of 38 cm and a length of bases from 47.03 to 49.22 cm. ZM 50 contains planimetry, altimetry and map lettering. The subjects of planimetry are settlements and individual objects, roads, hydrography, boundaries of administration and territorial units, boundaries of cadastre units (including technical units of territory), boundaries of protected areas, vegetation and surface of the land. The subject of altimetry is terrain relief displayed by contours and hachuring. The contour interval is 10 m. Map lettering consists of names of objects, contour values, spot heights, standardized geographical names, names and identification numbers of technical units of territory, frame and marginal informations. Each map sheet contains map legend with the selection of the most used map symbols. The map sheets contain planar rectangular grid (S- JTSK) and geographical graticule (ETRS89). ZM 50 has been processing by digital technology using Fundamental Base of Geographic Data of the Czech Republic (ZABAGED ®) and Database of geographic names of the Czech Republic Geonames.
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